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big or small-- i used to be convinced i didn't have any regrets, but when i really thought about it, i realized that i do-- and they're not what i ever would have imagined-- what're yours? start thinking about it, so you can send me your story! i'll post the deadline soon -- xo m.m.

My Story

We’ve all been there.

But who to choose?

I thought of the monosyllabic wrestler in eleventh grade who on our one date got drunk, barfed, then successfully coerced me into making out with him. The manic-depressive white rapper. The drummer with unprecedented B.O.. The male model who said “supposably” and didn’t know who Aretha Franklin was. And the guy I chased around in college, then ran into a few years later wandering down Santa Monica Boulevard in full, fascinatingly ruined-looking drag.

But then, joyfully breaking free from the pack, came Ron…

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Image by Gaetan Lee via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.

Featured Story

This is the story of all of them. All inexplicable.

Henry McWilliams, fourth grade. Indianapolis. The only other kid in my class who voted for Mondale in our fake election. Doesn’t notice me, doesn’t know.

Fifth grade, Brian Bond. He runs away from school one day, taking off like a spooked animal, sprinting across the rolling expanse of grass between the school and the neighborhood behind it. We all gather at the window to watch him go. I love him instantly. This is the beginning of a lifelong trend. We go together for a few weeks. He breaks up with me in a note…

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Image by lou murphy via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.